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A team of many talents

Our resident Web Developer, Luke Seager, has been keeping busy in his spare time with his own pet coding project: a WordPress plugin that allows for an easy way to keep users logged in securely.

Creatively named “WordPress Persistent Login”, the plugin allows WordPress-based websites to keep users logged in between resets.

Luke says that he decided to work on the app after getting annoyed at the inconvenience of the standard process. “I was fed up of logging into all of my clients’ websites”, he said, “I figured I’d sort of scratch my own itch.”

The plugin (available for free here) has proven popular, with about 1,500 lifetime downloads at the time of writing. “It was the first plugin I ever developed, so I saw it as a good learning curve”, remarked Luke, “I’m quite chuffed that it’s actually helping people out.”

Meet the team

Luke has been a part of the S2F team for three years, and his coding expertise has become a crucial part of our marketing service. Every team member has something unique to bring to the table, so our clients benefit from a wide range of expertise.

Steve Jolliffe is one of two company Directors and his straightforward and structured approach to marketing, together with his business knowledge and Management style provides clients with a trusted pair of hands.

Warren Albutt provides a unique and infectious energy as Creative Director, and his people skills ensure our clients have an active point of communication.

As our Office Manager, Jo Grainger makes sure that our budgets are balanced and our internal affairs are well organised. S2F run smoothly in her hands.

Our Studio Manager Richard Hill is a keen strategist, ensuring we’re always working towards results. He makes sure that every team member is working within their capacity.

Richard Spears is our Digital Marketing Manager, a position which requires a wide online skillset. Scheduled and coordinated digital marketing will cement your online presence and ensure awareness in your brand.

Shawn Kearney, our Brand Developer, has a keen eye for visual language and appeal. His ability to produce consistent and vibrant work in Illustrator and InDesign is unparalleled.

Graphic Design is one thing but our Designer, Lee Ashford also has a talent for video production and animation that he has cultivated and improved upon in his time at S2F. Premiere Pro and After Effects are now his forte.

Our newest recruit, Jesse Young, is our jack-of-all-trades Marketing Assistant who aids the team in both writing and visual elements, across the Microsoft and Adobe creative suites.

To find out more about how our team can put a marketing strategy into action for you, get in touch today.

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