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A Watch and a World of Opportunities!

Where to begin with my two weeks at S2F?!

Ellie-Marie Vorsman

In all honesty, the term ‘marketing’ meant almost nothing to me a couple of weeks ago. As a student at Birmingham City University, studying English and Drama, reading and writing have always been skills I have excelled with, however the world of PR and marketing was a distant one. Sure, I’d heard about it and was vaguely aware that most businesses had someone doing theirs, but I was completely oblivious to the extreme depth and intricacies of what a marketing agency really is. I was also unaware of what a marketing company as successful and devoted as S2F could teach little old me in the space of a two-week work placement!

Imagine that S2F is a watch and I want to tell the time. Hang in there, this will make sense in a minute – I promise! Quite obviously, it would be impossible to tell the time if the watch didn’t work properly. So, for me to be able to tell the time, the small and delicate pieces inside the watch face are all required to work in sweet harmony. One tiny cog or spring out of place and the watch remains frozen.

To be able to tell the time, the cogs inside need to work together to push the plates round, to move the springs, to move the hands to show me the time. In a way, each individual job in a marketing company is just like one of those tiny compartments of a watch. Working in a chain reaction, the step by step processes, from creative ideas to design, from visuals to a complete interactive website, the team at S2F work in such synchronisation that the end product achieves all its goals and shows what S2F are really capable of – just like the hands of the watch showing the correct time!

Not only were the team warm and welcoming, but their divine mix of professionalism and hard work splashed with individual personalities and a great sense of humour, made me feel at home after the first day. Consistently looking to teach me something new, each team member sat with me and took time out of their busy days to show me what their individual jobs entailed.

I was given the responsibility to proofread texts for clients, develop my PR research skills and had the opportunity to write something of my own. I am privileged to have worked alongside S2F and they have injected me with more self-belief than I could have hoped for coming into this opportunity. I cannot think of many businesses who would trust in a university student and give them an opportunity to get stuck in as much as S2F have allowed me to.

Product Photography
Warren Albutt, Creative Director

I owe my time here to Warren Albutt, Creative Director, for not only being a boss for the fortnight, but for being a mentor. Assisting me with the university work I would have to do after the placement, pimping my CV, being totally and brutally honest with me from start to finish (pardon the pun) and allowing me to self-reflect on the opportunities I could have before me (if I am hungry enough to grab them). Warren has helped me more than I could have ever hoped for and has instilled a drive and motivation in me which will indefinitely push me through the remainder of my time at university.

Moving forward, I am hoping to remain in strong contact with S2F as they have equipped me with a wide and varied skill set, whilst also teaching and showing me things I didn’t even know existed… I’ll be honest, for somebody who loves to write, I didn’t even know being a copywriter was a thing!

I’ve enjoyed being challenged through customer and client research, I’ve relished in having to pay close attention to detail within proofreading and I have also taken great satisfaction in being given the opportunity and responsibility to write for myself. I hope to continue to develop my skills further and one day work in a place like S2F, where I felt challenged yet competent, independent yet a team player and ultimately appreciated for my skills and hard work.

Author: Ellie-Marie Vorsman

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