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13 things your customers don’t want to hear

13 things your customers don’t want to hear Excuses Problems How busy you are Our systems are down Bob is off sick and we’re really short staffed I can’t really help you with that I don’t know I can’t do that, I’m not authorised I can’t get that to you until As you’re not a

How to increase your retweets without asking!

Retweets are a fantastic way to gain more exposure for your business. Seen as third party endorsements, these little bits of PR can really help to grow your followers and send more prospects your way. 5 ways to increase your retweets. Quality Followers This is definitely a case of quality over quantity. If you’ve got

E-Newsletters; so last year?

We say not! We say they are here to stay and they can work wonders. But only if you follow 4 simple but golden rules! Quality content There’s a lot out there so make the information valuable to the reader. Ask yourself – can this improve the readers business? And if not ditch it. Reader