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Walsall Council, Black Country Enterprise Zone

About Walsall Council, Black Country Enterprise Zone

The Black Country Zone led by the Black Country Local Enterprise Partnership, comprises a portfolio of sites situated in Darlaston and i54 – Wolverhampton North, spread over 120 hectares. The Zone expects to create almost 4,000 net new jobs by 2015 in advanced manufacturing and environmental technologies including aerospace, automotive and engineering.


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Walsall Council asked us to design and write a brochure to promote the opportunities to potential investors and developers. The brochure was to utilise the existing brand and ensure that the relevant logos were all clearly displayed.


Meetings with the team helped us to develop a clear idea of the objectives, target market, and key messages for this project.
We designed a clean and modern brochure that clearly communicated the benefits of investing in the area. We knew that the target market were busy people, so clarity was key. Clear visuals in the form of photographs, maps and info graphics highlighted the big numbers so the selling points and call to action were hard to miss. The text expanded on the headline detail given by the graphics and focussed on selling the benefits.


A powerful brochure to grab the attention of investors. Easy to read and packed with big reasons for the reader to want to find out more it’s the perfect silent salesman.