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S2F Design Award back in the hands of the old guard

Every year, S2F hold an internal design award which has seen the entire team participate in anything from design for print advertising and informative digital infographics to this year’s photography theme. Graphic Designers may often have the upper-hand here but what is always evident is that ideas from across the business can make a difference to how we deliver for our clients going forward.

Last year, Jesse was a fresh face in the S2F team and impressed with an infographic that utilised motion, winning him the coveted award and taking it from previous winner, Shawn. Sadly, Jesse left the business this week but on his final day was given the opportunity to judge the team’s photography efforts and pick a new S2F Design Award winner.

Competition was tight, every photo was strong, and the mix was both diverse and creative. The brief was simple. To summarise; a photo taken in the past 6 months whether it be by smart phone, digital SLR or any other camera. The photo should show the entrants personal side and our in-house photo studio can’t be utilised.

By 12pm on award day, Jesse had whittled it down to three entries: Kirendeep Virdi (Bichon Frise on window sill), Shawn Kearney (Cheese Grater Perspective) and Richard Hill (Baby Blue Eyes). It wouldn’t be until 2pm that the winner was announced. The team gathered around the board, where the photographs were presented; the final three sitting proudly at the top.

Jesse deliberated even then, still finding it difficult to decide, but a decision did finally come and Shawn’s ‘Cheese Grater Perspective’ made the cut. The award was back in the hands of S2F’s longest-serving employee and as you’ll see from the smile on his face; he was desperate to win it back.

Until next year.

Winning Entry

Shawn Kearney
Shawn Kearney


All entries & more from the S2F team

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