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S2F Marketing Round-up: August 2019

August was an exciting month of marketing activity, where quality and attention to detail made the difference for the clients featured in this latest round-up. This month you’ll find; macro photography of hair-thin precision stamped components, instructional motion graphics and turning a poorly managed pay-per-click campaign into an impressive lead converter. The S2F team have been working hard to stay true to its promise of results-driven marketing.

Read up on a selection of projects delivered during August below.

Brandauer and BGC – Photography

This month we have stepped up our emphasis on product photography, shooting for two major projects. C. Brandauer & Co Ltd (Precision stamping experts) and BGC (Greeting cards and gifts wholesaler) are two very different clients but were both in need of refreshing their product photography – a service previously obtained through other suppliers.

For Brandauer, we utilised our new in-house product photography studio and macro lens, shooting a range of products, all of which are of micron-precision and in some cases, even thinner than a human hair! The components are truly minuscule in size which naturally brings with it some interesting challenges. Overcoming these challenges was hugely rewarding and as the final photographs (See examples above) can attest; we can’t wait to take on another macro shoot and show off this unique capability.

BGC was a little different. This time we were mainly working with a range of products in a single shot and specifically, we were working with Christmas products. This allowed us to get creative within the studio; scene setting, adding props and testing different lighting positions to get the mood just right. The client was very pleased with the outcome and didn’t take long to instruct us on its use within their latest advert.

DWV – Booking video

This month, we completed a very different kind of video compared to those we’ve done previously – an animated instructional video for customers of DWV who have made a cosmetic vehicle repair booking and want to know what happens next.

Putting our heads together, we came up with a visual concept that was fun, versatile and would translate well to storytelling. The video follows one continuous line, progressing from left to right with momentary diversions. The technique captures the essence of a timeline in motion but delivers a simple step-by-step route for the end-user to follow.

The sketch aesthetic is a new approach for DWV and the team at S2F found a way to bring that aesthetic to life. The end-result is a video that we’re very proud of. We will be applying the same ideas we’ve built upon here for their employee handbooks and other marketing materials in the very near future.

NIC – Pay-per-click optimisation

We have been managing the marketing output for NIC Franchise for over three years and throughout that time, the business has been utilising PPC advertising on Google – a service they were outsourcing elsewhere.

We have wanted to get our hands on managing the PPC campaigns for some time, because for this kind of organisation, this route to the market can have huge ROI potential. Fortunately, over the past couple of months, S2F are now trusted to deliver that ROI and have full management access to the ad campaigns.

The existing SEO company were really missing a trick. Fundamentally, it pays to understand your client and their target audience to the nth degree. After reviewing the previous ad campaigns, there was an obvious lack of understanding. NIC Franchise are a commercial cleaning management franchise, but existing ads were directing audiences searching for keywords such as ‘swine flu’, ‘cleaners’, ‘cleaning services’ and so on.

It was important to consider keywords from scratch because very little could be utilised from the existing set. NIC don’t want to attract those looking for a commercial cleaning service, they want to attract those looking to go into business for themselves and to manage a cleaning business – an obvious and massive difference.

As well as keywords, when managing PPC you really need to consider where those clicking your ads are landing. The existing ads were directing audiences to a news item that had no relation to the search terms – this was likely a redirect from a url that no longer exists – evidence that these ads were set up a very long time ago and not consistently or considerably managed.

Without giving away our secrets, we made an immediate impact on click-through and conversions. We built specific landing pages with informative and ample copy, video, benefits, clear investment options and more. The goal is always to convince a prospective franchisee that NIC are worth further investigation – therefore requests for franchise packs, questions asked and bookings for franchise discovery sessions are how we analyse ROI and impact of marketing campaigns.

The results below tell a very interesting story. See for yourself.

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