S2F Marketing Round-up: February 2019

From tackling the medium of podcasting, tracking developments in ongoing awareness campaigns to the filming of our very own company video, February’s marketing round-up is worth taking a look at.

Shouting more about what we do and what we do well, enjoy a selection of marketing materials each month in S2F’s ongoing round-ups.

Read up on a selection of projects delivered during February below.

BMG – Exhibition materials

marketing round-up bmg


BMG Research (housing division) were exhibiting at CX Customer Experience conference and needed visuals for their stand and brochure to help convey the key benefits and make them stand out from the crowd.

C. Brandauer & Co Ltd – The impact of SEO on new awareness campaigns

During one of Brandauer’s 2018 marketing strategy meetings, we identified 3 areas for new business opportunities where Brandauer had little or no online presence. Firstly, Brandauer wanted to break into new markets and expand in others with 2 new products. Secondly, Progression Press Tooling was identified as an essential part of Brandauer’s core capabilities, which would benefit greatly from better online representation.

EloPin® is Brandauer’s first new product launch for 30 years and Electrical Steel Laminations are ideal in electric motors, generators and transformers – giving Brandauer an ideal route into the fascinating new sector of electrification.

Progression Press Tooling has and always will be an essential part of Brandauer’s promise to deliver a complete manufacturing solution for the production of pressed metal components.

With these 3 areas identified, informative campaign approaches were taken utilising a technique we have coined as ‘piggybacking’ at S2F and part of that process includes optimising content and seeing a return from Google referrals.

marketing round-up brandauer seo percentage increases
C. Brandauer ‘Press Tooling’ webpage percentage increases compared to previous year

Today, Brandauer can boast top spot on Google for both EloPin® and Electrical Steel Laminations. Progression Press Tooling has risen through the ranks to page 1 and registers more than 1 page of Brandauer content, as well as listings for Brandauer’s Tooling videos on YouTube. The return on visits to these areas of the website is huge. The Tooling page, for example, has seen an 85% increase on the previous year for unique page views.

Brandauer’s Press Tooling page can be viewed here:

Thomson & Bancks – Monthly Health Blog Podcast launch

For our clients at Thomson & Bancks, we undertook a very different project to our usual output – adding accompanying podcasts to their monthly health blogs.  This process consisted of a lot of rendering, uploading and YouTube SEO, and applying it to a 2-year backlog of health blogs was no small task. In the process, however, we gained valuable experience in understanding the inner workings of YouTube and expanded our potential offering to our clients!

Freddie’s Wish – Starlight Ball 2019 Tickets

marketing round-up freddies wish


We are incredibly proud to once again be supporting the charity Freddie’s Wish, delivering the artwork for its upcoming 2019 Starlight Ball.

The design team were tasked with taking a fresh look at the event branding to differentiate it from the 2017 ball. Switching to a light blue and moving away from the royal blue generally associated with the charity brand gave the design an immediately fresher feel. We were keen to set the right tone for the evening and the subsequent material to support the event.

We’d like to give a special mention and a big thanks to PCL Digital for the exceptional production of the A6 tickets – Output on a ‘metallic ice silver’ 300gsm stock to ensure a truly unique finish.

The 2019 Starlight Ball will be held in October and tickets are now on general sale. Contact to claim your seat.

Learn more about the charity so close to our hearts here:

S2F – Internal photoshoot and video

The office was very busy during February with all the lights, cameras and actions you’d expect from a Hollywood production. Whilst this may be an exaggeration, we did have one of our partner suppliers (Think Allowed) work on a company video for us, capturing the essence of how we operate in our Birmingham office. We will be showcasing the video in the coming months, so keep your eyes peeled!

marketing round-up s2f video shoot


We also decided it was time to refresh the team page with new photography and new faces (Kirendeep Virdi and Isabelle Albutt). See how we all look and how the team has grown here.

MWA – Itron Axonic product spotlight video

Our video offering continues to evolve, as is evident in our latest iteration on MWA’s product spotlight. We’re very proud of how our video showcasing the Itron Axonic turned out, with dynamic transitions and imagery that captures the viewer’s attention throughout. Working on MWA’s product spotlights and finding creative ways to highlight the advantages of each meter has been a delight – we look forward to making the next one!

With the addition of the product video, our blog on the Itron Axonic has been further fleshed out with valuable new content; make sure you take a look here:


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