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S2F Marketing Round-up: June 2019

Welcome to the June marketing round-up which is an indication of the current increased demand for video and motion graphic content within any given marketing campaign.

S2F employed a videographer in June and also completed numerous video and motion graphic projects for a variety of clients, a couple of which are highlighted below. We also built a new area on the website that showcases some of the video content we have produced on behalf of our clients.

Read up on a selection of projects delivered during June below.

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Ben joins as Videographer and a post-grad work experience programme is tested

Ben Robinson joined the S2F team in June as videographer, with filming and editing experience alongside product, environment and headshot photography capabilities. We would like to extend a very warm welcome to Ben who becomes the business’ second new employee this year. The S2F team continues to grow and with it, specialist marketing capabilities and offers.

We also welcomed Ellie Steel, who kindly wrote us a blog about her time with S2F. Ellie joined S2F over a two-week work experience period after graduating with a marketing degree. S2F are keen to explore the opportunity with post-graduates showing an interest in getting hands-on experience at a marketing agency.

S2F are excited by the possibility of helping to develop the skills, CVs and ‘brand’ of young ambitious people looking to get into marketing.

Astle Paterson no-fault divorce videos

We’ve recently produced another new video for Astle Paterson, solicitors in Burton on Trent. This time around, we’re explaining a proposed new piece of legislation called ‘no-fault divorce’, which will allow married couples to get divorced quicker, without having to place blame on each other.

The video was accompanied by a full marketing plan which included an SEO optimised article, social media content and e-mail marketing promotion.

The video will help to educate their audience about the potential changes to divorce law, showing that Astle Paterson’s knowledge is up to date and that they’re able to explain legalities in a simple, easy to understand manner.

Bringing motion to social

This month, we’ve been taking our in-house video skills in a new direction: bringing new life to our social media cards.

We started out by producing a short animation for PP Control and Automation, with the goal of using simple 2D elements to deliver a message. Even with basic movements, the social media card is much more eye-catching and appealing, synthesising well with short and sharp sentences and bullet points.

We then applied animation to an MWA social media card with the same kind of layout as a typical static card. We found that it was a simple way to deliver more of the campaign’s key messages without overloading the viewer with information.


Finally, we went with a different approach for Brandauer, opting for a social media card with no text and a single animated graphic. This allowed us to see the potential of a more minimalist social media card, drawing the eye with the graphic and allowing the message to carry the weight of delivering information.

All of these animated social media card ideas have helped lay a foundation for the next evolution in our social media output.

The S2F photo studio and video portfolio

The S2F office is now adorned with its very own photography studio and space for the filming of headshot videos. The space has been utilised for new product photography for a number of clients as well the filming of internal videos.

The website also has a new area for users to explore. The video section provides a portfolio of previous video projects for a variety of clients and different purposes.

Browse the new section for yourself here.


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