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S2F Marketing Round-up: September 2019

As we approach the latter part of the year, business is as fast-paced as ever for everyone at S2F! This September saw a full rebrand launch for one of our longest-standing clients, as well as superb work in web development, design, motion graphics and email marketing. The result is a multitude of satisfied clients, as well as one of our most densely packed roundups to date.

Read up on a selection of projects delivered during September below.

Brandauer – Rebranding a city legend

Brandauer & Co Ltd has been stamping the most precise metal components since 1862, when they were prestigious pen nib manufacturers. Since then, precision is what the business has built its foundation on, and what has led to its status as a city legend in Birmingham. Everything that leaves its facility is precise to the micron, and you’ll find Brandauer components in some of the world’s most ambitious projects – including the CERN Large Hadron Collider – and also in the everyday objects you may take for granted. For example, Brandauer currently supply 90% of the entire world’s kettle base connectors!

The business has a proud legacy, but it will also never stand still. It was vital that when tasked with its rebranding, S2F respected Brandauer’s history but also showcased the company’s principles, showing how they form the business model of the future.

The time to rebrand was perfect. For the first time in its history, Brandauer was awarded the prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise in International Trade and recently launched a range of products and unique tooling standards. A new direction for the business meant a new direction for the brand, as directed by Digital Marketing Manager, Richard Spears. The results of tireless work alongside web guru Luke Seager and the various disciplines of the team is perhaps best experienced through the new website.

The new Brandauer website is an example of how real consideration for user experience comes together and is vital to attract and retain browsers. The website is a place where motion and interaction feel natural and the user is encouraged to take a journey wherever they land. The site’s contents have been completely rewritten, doubling in overall size, with pages cram-packed full of informative content – content that will satisfy any prospective customers’ needs, whilst instilling in them the confidence that Brandauer can deliver to their complex requirements. The new website puts Brandauer on a pedestal. One which has been a long time coming. You can see the work carried out by visiting

Information on the full rebrand, including the logo evolution, online strategy, dynamic strapline, messages built on principles and precision and the use of bold and empowering language to build a new brand voice will be available as an online case study soon – watch this space.

BMG – Web design decoded

We’ve been working closely with BMG Research over the last few months to reinvent their brand identity, doing justice to their position as a leader in private sector research. Last month was a key stage in that process, as we launched their brand-new website.

The new website is a much more streamlined and polished product, focusing on their core competencies and key sales messages. It leans heavily on the concept behind their new strapline ‘success decoded’, which is visualised in their logo with the letters ‘BMG’ written in Morse Code. We’ve used the website as an opportunity to add interactivity to that concept, with our web designer Luke working his magic to create Morse Code that responds to the user’s browsing – decoding in front of the viewer’s eyes.

The team is very proud of the BMG website, and the client is thrilled with how it captures the look and feel of their new direction. The strong aesthetics, combined with straight-forward messaging, has really refreshed the brand, and we look forward to working with BMG Research in the future.

Candidate Source – Crazy little thing called design

This month Candidate Source, in partnership with Dudley charity Lunch on the Run, tasked S2F with providing marketing support for their 2019 charity tribute night. Previously, this event had been themed on The Beatles and Elvis, and this year the decision was made to feature the music of Freddie Mercury and Queen.

Requiring marketing support across all of their social platforms as a priority, our designer Lee was initially stumped to which visual direction to pursue for the project, as much of the available stock imagery of the band was strictly for Editorial-use only or heavily copyrighted. So naturally, the only thing for it was to draw his own Freddie!

The bespoke illustration, created in Adobe Illustrator, became the centrepiece for all the marketing deliverables; featuring across printed A2 and A3 posters, A5 flyers, social media imagery, website and EventBrite graphics, and a table plan print. The event sold out within weeks, and alongside the client, we look forward to seeing it raise much-needed money for a very worthy charity.

MWA – ULTRAHEAT animated

This month, we’ve truly taken our regular product spotlights for MWA to the next level.

For the past several video showcases, we have used animated versions of the product schematics to demonstrate different key selling points for the meters. This time – completely unprompted by the client – our resident motion graphics expert Jesse decided to further evolve the concept, planning out more elaborate camera movement and adding some lovely focus distance.

The client was delighted with the results, immediately giving approval for a new campaign promoting the ULTRAHEAT centred on the video. The quality of the animation speaks for itself – you can see it here.

CPT – Large demand for CPD Seminars

With three seminar sign-ups in the space of three minutes after the first batch of email sends, the decision to campaign for awareness of CPT’s new CPD seminar via email marketing paid off quickly.

It didn’t stop at three either; by day two, 13 companies from across the UK had signed up to receive the seminar. CPD Seminars are a great opportunity for CPT to showcase their expertise and their most exciting projects. In this case, recipients of the email were invited to find out more about how Preston Bus Station Car Park has been preserved for future generations. CPT’s work on Preston Bus Station is award-winning, and therefore an ideal case study for a CPD seminar.

The success of the email marketing strategy, directed by Richard Spears, meant that a second send wasn’t necessary; CPT are now well-booked for quite some time. Email marketing is often referred to as one of the best marketing activities for return on investment, and this example only backs up that claim. If someone ever tells you that email marketing doesn’t work – don’t listen.

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