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Desk Research

The desk research S2F Marketing produce in-house will range from industry and sector specific research, to competitor and SEO keyword investigation.

Whatever you need to find out, S2F will do the investigation:

Most important though, is the opportunities that the research presents for the instructing company and the fact that market research reports produced by S2F are not speculative, but specific to your business and marketing strategy.

S2F Marketing take the sometimes-complex findings and make them easy to understand. It is important that the research S2F provides is concise, with clear actions for the instructing company to make the most of new business opportunities.

S2F Marketing locate and analyse data, trends and business opportunities with the goal of producing a report which will have a very big yield. Businesses are in a transition to become informative resources for their target markets and the desk research S2F produce will allow businesses to truly understand their markets and how to service them.

The biggest problem for businesses isn’t accessing data or research, it’s finding that needle in the haystack, the golden nugget that makes the real difference to their business, turning research into sales. It’s about understanding how to take advantage of the research and building a SMART action plan from it. That’s what S2F Marketing do every time a research project is instructed. You don’t just simply get the research; you get the actions you need to take because of it.

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increase in sales leads from their websites

"We wanted a partner who would manage our marketing from start to finish. Warren, Steve and the team at S2F certainly achieved that. They manage everything from design for print, branding & identity, design for web and strategic marketing to PR, working together with Start 2 Finish helped take the marketing at Alloy Wire International to another level. "

Mark Venables

Managing Director

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