Luke Seager

Luke has a boat load of web design and development know-how. Specialising in responsive website development, it’s Luke who will make sure your site looks the part on your desktop as well as your mobile and with it, easy to understand analytics and online reports.

Luke knows all there is to know about designing & building all types of websites; WordPress, cms, HTML and e-commerce. He also knows all about SEO and getting your website found above the competition.

Your new website will elevate your brand, look professional and be easy to navigate and manage. More prospects will find you and even more importantly, they will be converted to enquiries with a website designed and built by Luke.

Why do you love working at S2F?

The biggest thing for me is seeing the difference we can make to a clients business. When we launch a new website and see an increase in leads, orders or enquiries as a direct result of the work we do, it’s a great feeling.

How can we help you?

Let us help your company grow, contact us today to discuss your marketing needs.

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